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Approximate aggregation techniques for sensor databases
In the emerging area of sensor-based systems, a significant challenge is to develop scalable, fault-tolerant methods to extract useful information from the data the sensors collect. An approach toExpand
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Dynamic authenticated index structures for outsourced databases
In outsourced database (ODB)systems the database owner publishes its data through a number of remote servers, with the goal of enabling clients at the edge of the network to access and query the dataExpand
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DeepLog: Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis from System Logs through Deep Learning
Anomaly detection is a critical step towards building a secure and trustworthy system. The primary purpose of a system log is to record system states and significant events at various critical pointsExpand
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On Trip Planning Queries in Spatial Databases
In this paper we discuss a new type of query in Spatial Databas es, called the Trip Planning Query (TPQ). Given a set of points of interestP in space, where each point belongs to a specific category,Expand
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Semantics of Ranking Queries for Probabilistic Data and Expected Ranks
When dealing with massive quantities of data, top-k queries are a powerful technique for returning only the k most relevant tuples for inspection, based on a scoring function. The problem ofExpand
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Simba: Efficient In-Memory Spatial Analytics
Large spatial data becomes ubiquitous. As a result, it is critical to provide fast, scalable, and high-throughput spatial queries and analytics for numerous applications in location-based servicesExpand
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NDC: Analyzing the impact of 3D-stacked memory+logic devices on MapReduce workloads
While Processing-in-Memory has been investigated for decades, it has not been embraced commercially. A number of emerging technologies have renewed interest in this topic. In particular, theExpand
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Spell: Streaming Parsing of System Event Logs
  • M. Du, Feifei Li
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE 16th International Conference on Data Mining…
  • 1 December 2016
System event logs have been frequently used as a valuable resource in data-driven approaches to enhance system health and stability. A typical procedure in system log analytics is to first parseExpand
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Finding frequent items in probabilistic data
Computing statistical information on probabilistic data has attracted a lot of attention recently, as the data generated from a wide range of data sources are inherently fuzzy or uncertain. In thisExpand
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Secure nearest neighbor revisited
In this paper, we investigate the secure nearest neighbor (SNN) problem, in which a client issues an encrypted query point E(q) to a cloud service provider and asks for an encrypted data point inExpand
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