Feifei Huang

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This work reports the enhanced emission at 2.7 µm in Er 3+ /Ho 3+-codoped fluorotellurite glass upon a conventional 980 nm laser diode. The significantly reduced green upconversion and 1.5 µm emission intensity in Er 3+ /Ho 3+-codoped samples are observed. The results suggest that the Er 3+ : 4 I 13/2 state can be efficiently depopulated via energy transfer(More)
IceCube is a one-gigaton instrument located at the geographic South Pole, designed to detect cosmic neutrinos, identify the particle nature of dark matter, and study high-energy neutrinos themselves. Simulation of the IceCube detector and processing of data require a significant amount of computational resources. This paper presents the first detailed(More)
2.0 μm emission properties of Er3+/Ho3+ codoped silicate glasses were investigated pumped by 980 nm LD. Absorption spectra were determined. Intense mid-infrared emissions near 2 μm are observed. The spectral components of the 2 μm fluorescence band were analyzed and an equivalent model of four-level system was proposed to describe broadband 2 μm emission.(More)