Feichi Zhou

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Photovoltachromic cells (PVCCs) are of great interest for the self-powered smart windows of architectures and vehicles, which require widely tunable transmittance and automatic color change under photostimuli. Organolead halide perovskite possesses high light absorption coefficient and enables thin and semitransparent photovoltaic device. In this work, we(More)
Semiconductor photocatalysts have been widely used for photochemical water splitting, purification of organic contaminants, and bacterial detoxification. However, most photocatalysts suffer greatly from photocorrosion under visible-light irradiation. Here we report a viable strategy to markedly improve photocorrosion resistance of photocatalysts by draping(More)
Conducting bridge random access memory (CBRAM) is one of the most promising candidates for future nonvolatile memories. It is important to understand the scalability and retention of CBRAM cells to realize better memory performance. Here, we directly observe the switching dynamics of Cu tip/SiO2/W cells with various active electrode sizes using in situ(More)
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