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In order to explore the rule of knowledge creation activities at both temporal and spatial scales, this paper makes statistical analysis of the time interval and spatial displacement of consecutive knowledge creation activities of high-yield, low-yield, and ASFP (all the scientists published at least four papers), respectively. The research shows that, for(More)
In this paper the methods of bibliometric analysis were used to investigate the global entropy research trend based on the SCI and SSCI database, which can be employed to study the global research trend. The paper number, subjects, journals, countries, institutes, authors, citations and funding agencies were analyzed respectively on each published papers.(More)
As a new-style computer-mediated communication system, the blog has been gaining popularity among various Web users. Blog communities come into being in the process of self-organized communication between bloggers and the community structures are reflected by the embedded social networks. This study research the communication patterns of scientist bloggers(More)
The co-words network of the author key words is a knowledge network mapped according to the co-occurrence phenomenon of key words in a number of papers. It reflects the relation among multiple vocabulary conceptions and also represents the structure of scientific research. With the social network analysis technology, the structural analysis of co-words(More)
This paper probes into the current status of collaboration regarding the field of the Chinese humanities and social sciences in respects of the degree of collaboration and the status of the relationships. It researches the status quo in humanities, the growth of social development science and cross-disciplinary social science, and the maturity of applied(More)