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In the E-commerce era, recommender system is introduced to share customer experience and comments. At the same time, there is a need for E-commerce entities to join their recommender system databases to enhance the reliability toward prospective customers and also to maximize the precision of target marketing. However, there will be a privacy disclosure(More)
With the increasing complexity of modern power system, the conventional analytical methods and simulation systems, which are based on reductionism, can't provide sufficient guidance for its operation and management anymore. ACP theory which is based on holism and complex system theory, mainly consists of artificial systems (A), computing experiments (C) and(More)
This paper mainly focuses on the study about the improvement of materials performance management in power group enterprise based on the methodology of KPI (Key Performance Indicator). Firstly, a typical KPI approach is described from the perspectives of definitions, basic principles, design procedures and relevant researches. Next, a case study on KPI(More)
Global manufacturing companies meet a lot of challenges on enterprise level, plant level and shop floor level. To solve these challenges, a kind of real-time Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (xMII) Solution is introduced to realize Adaptive Manufacturing (AM), where MII's key technologies, such as its connection with ERP modules, integration(More)
GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) has the feature of a strong floating-point computing capability, suitable for large-scale intensive computing. This paper applies GPU acceleration technology for the parallel management of complex production system, focusing on the computing of human behavior based on fuzzy logic and equipment safety assessment of Monte Carlo(More)
The safety and reliability are the soul of nuclear power plant. Until now, the solution to assure the safety and reliability is still not smart and reasonable enough because its strict management, standards and law are made and executed with human's experience and knowledge. By using of the latest IT technology, “Product Lifecycle Management”(More)
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