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Plant and animal studies of quantitative trait loci provide data which arise from mixtures of distributions with known mixing proportions. Previous approaches to estimation involve modelling the distributions parametrically. We propose a semiparametric alternative which assumes that the log ratio of the component densities satisfies a linear model, with the(More)
Evolutionary graphs (EGs), in which evolutionary dynamic is arranged on a graph, were initially proposed by Lieberman et al. [Lieberman, E., Hauert, C., Nowak, M.A., 2005. Evolutionary dynamics on graphs. Nature 433, 312-316] in the biological field and many biological phenomena are successfully explained. EGs on two levels (or bi-level EGs), based on some(More)
We consider some practical statistical issues in QTL analysis where several crosses originate in multiple inbred parents. Our results show that ignoring background polygenic variation in different crosses may lead to biased interval mapping estimates of QTL effects or loss of efficiency. Threshold and power approximations are derived by extending earlier(More)
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