Fei-fan Zhou

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Activated microglial cells are an important pathological component in brains of patients with neurodegenerative diseases. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of He-Ne (632.8 nm, 64.6 mW/cm2) low-level laser therapy (LLLT), a non-damaging physical therapy, on activated microglia, and the subsequent signaling events of LLLT-induced(More)
Suppression of c-myc has been implicated as a critical event in some glucocorticoid-evoked apoptotic systems. It is therefore of interest to understand the mechanism of glucocorticoid-regulation of the c-myc gene. In the present study, a detailed analysis of dexamethasone (Dex)-evoked regulation of the human c-myc gene in human leukemic CEM-C7 cells has(More)
Dendritic cell (DC) based vaccines have emerged as a promising immunotherapy for cancers. However, most DC vaccines so far have achieved only limited success in cancer treatment. Photodynamic therapy (PDT), an established cancer treatment strategy, can cause immunogenic apoptosis to induce an effective antitumor immune response. In this study, we developed(More)
In clones of the CEM human acute lymphoblastic leukemic cell line, glucocorticoids, oxysterols and activators of the cAMP pathway acting synergistically with glucocorticoids, each can cause apoptotic cell death. Morphologically and kinetically, these deaths resemble one another. The kinetics are striking: in each case, after addition of the lethal(More)
Photothermal therapy is an effective means to induce tumor cell death, since tumor tissue is more sensitive to temperature increases than normal tissue. Biological responses depend on tissue temperature; target tissue temperature needs to be precisely measured and controlled to achieve desired thermal effects. In this work, a unique photoacoustic (PA)(More)
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