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Drug resistance during chemotherapy is the major obstacle to the successful treatment of many cancers. Here, we report that inhibition of NF-E2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) may be a promising strategy to combat chemoresistance. Nrf2 is a critical transcription factor regulating a cellular protective response that defends cells against toxic insults from a broad(More)
Automated and accurate segmentation of the aorta in 4D (3D+time) cardiovascular magnetic resonance (MR) image data is important for early detection of congenital aortic disease leading to aortic aneurysms and dissections. A computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) method is reported that allows one to objectively identify subjects with connective tissue disorders(More)
In the present study, mild impairment of cochlear function in patients with King-Kopetzky syndrome was investigated using DPOAEs. A significant decrease in DPOAE levels in both ears was found in patients with King-Kopetzky syndrome compared with the controls after considering the thresholds as a co-variable. It is noteworthy that the global mean levels of(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of this study was to assess functional changes in the cerebral cortex in people with different sign language experience and hearing status whilst observing and imitating Chinese Sign Language (CSL) using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). 50 participants took part in the study, and were divided into four groups according to(More)
BACKGROUND The study on the second generation bio-fuel is a hot area of current research of renewable energy. Among series of key points in this area, the role of β-glucosidase in the degradation of intermediate gluco-oligosaccharides limits the rate of the complete saccharification of lignocellulose. RESULTS In this study, a new β-glucosidase gene,(More)
In response to stress, cells can utilize several cellular processes, such as autophagy, which is a bulk-lysosomal degradation pathway, to mitigate damages and increase the chances of cell survival. Deregulation of autophagy causes upregulation of p62 and the formation of p62-containing aggregates, which are associated with neurodegenerative diseases and(More)
Type II endometrial cancer, which mainly presents as serous and clear cell types, has proved to be the most malignant and recurrent carcinoma among various female genital malignancies. The transcription factor Nrf2 was first described as having chemopreventive activity. Activation of the Nrf2-mediated cellular defense response protects cells against the(More)
Influenza virus typically alters protein glycosylation in order to escape immune pressure from hosts and hence to facilitate survival in different host environments. In this study, the patterns and conservation of glycosylation sites on HA and NA of influenza A/H1N1 viruses isolated from various hosts at different time periods were systematically analyzed,(More)
Automated and accurate segmentation of the aorta in 4D (3D+time) car-diovascular magnetic resonance (MR) image data is important for early detection of congenital aortic disease leading to aortic aneurysms and dissec-tions. An automated 4D segmentation method is reported in this study. Our automated segmentation method combines level-set and optimal surface(More)