Fei-Yue Wang

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Reachability trees, especially the corresponding Karp-Miller's finite reachability trees generated for Petri nets are fundamental for systematically investigating many characteristics such as boundedness, liveness, and performance of systems modeled by Petri nets. However, too much information is lost in a FRT to render it useful for many applications. In(More)
This paper discusses the concept, formulation, and implementation of the agent-based control for fuzzy behavior programming in robotic excavation. Petri net transducers are introduced to describe excavation control agent coordination and specification, while fuzzy control rules are used to implement primitive motions. A prototype laboratory excavation(More)
Extrinsic calibration or coordinate frame calibration of multiple cameras is a critical step for conducting three-dimensional measurement effectively from visual images. Based on the concept of relative world coordinate system, an efficient method for calibrating the coordinate frames for multiple cameras has been developed in this paper. Its basic idea is(More)
  • Fei-Yue Wang
  • IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation
  • 2004
This paper presents a simple and analytical procedure for calibrating extrinsic camera parameters. First, a calibration equation that separates rotational and translational parameters is given. The calibrating equation involves only rotational parameters and requires no absolute position information. A four-point calibration procedure is proposed that(More)
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