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Highly efficient D-lactate production by Sporolactobacillus sp. strain CASD was demonstrated in this study. Peanut meal was found to be a better nutrient than yeast extract, soybean meal, soybean peptone, corn steep, liquor beef extract, and ammonium sulfate in the production of D-lactate. To improve the utilization of peanut meal, the material was(More)
In order to realize the full-scale sharing, free circulation and transaction, and on-demand-use of manufacturing resource and capabilities in modern enterprise systems (ES), Cloud manufacturing (CMfg) as a new service-oriented manufacturing paradigm has been proposed recently. Compared with cloud computing, the services that are managed in CMfg include not(More)
Recently, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing (CC) have been widely studied and applied in many fields, as they can provide a new method for intelligent perception and connection from M2M (including man-to-man, man-to-machine, and machine-to-machine), and on-demand use and efficient sharing of resources, respectively. In order to realize the full(More)
Production of flavors from natural substrates by microbial transformation has become a growing and expanding field of study over the past decades. Vanillin, a major component of vanilla flavor, is a principal flavoring compound used worldwide. Streptomyces sp. strain V-1 is known to be one of the most promising microbial producers of natural vanillin from(More)
In distributed manufacturing systems, especially in a manufacturing grid (MGrid) system, there are primarily two kinds of manufacturing tasks (or resource service requests): (1) single resource service request task (SRSRTask), which can be completed by invoking only one resource service, and (2) multi-resource service request task (MRSRTask), which is(More)