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Sorting and Incentive Effects of Pay for Performance: An Experimental Investigation
Agency theory highlights losses in productivity that may occur when the interests of owners and employees are imperfectly aligned. Pay for performance has been proposed as a solution to this proble...
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Association of tissue-specific differentially methylated regions (TDMs) with differential gene expression.
  • Fei Song, J. F. Smith, +4 authors William A Held
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 1 March 2005
Early studies proposed that DNA methylation could have a role in regulating gene expression during development [Riggs, A.D. (1975) Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 14, 9-25]. However, some studies of DNAExpand
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Plasma Apolipoprotein Levels Are Associated with Cognitive Status and Decline in a Community Cohort of Older Individuals
Objectives Apolipoproteins have recently been implicated in the etiology of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In particular, Apolipoprotein J (ApoJ or clusterin) has been proposed as a biomarker of theExpand
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Targeting radioimmunotherapy of hepatocellular carcinoma with iodine (131I) metuximab injection: clinical phase I/II trials.
  • Z. Chen, Li Mi, +33 authors P. Zhu
  • Medicine
  • International journal of radiation oncology…
  • 1 June 2006
PURPOSE HAb18G/CD147 is a hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)-associated antigen. We developed iodine (131I) metuximab injection (Licartin), a novel 131I-labeled HAb18G/CD147-specific monoclonal antibodyExpand
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Aspirin’s Active Metabolite Salicylic Acid Targets High Mobility Group Box 1 to Modulate Inflammatory Responses
Salicylic acid (SA) and its derivatives have been used for millennia to reduce pain, fever and inflammation. In addition, prophylactic use of acetylsalicylic acid, commonly known as aspirin, reducesExpand
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Genipin-crosslinked casein hydrogels for controlled drug delivery.
Recent advances in hydrogel technology have focused on finding more biocompatible, non-toxic materials intended for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. In this study, naturally occurringExpand
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Cyclophilin A (CyPA) Induces Chemotaxis Independent of Its Peptidylprolyl Cis-Trans Isomerase Activity
Cyclophilin A (CyPA) is a ubiquitously distributed peptidylprolyl cis-trans isomerase (PPIase) that possesses diverse biological functions. Extracellular CyPA is a potent chemokine, which canExpand
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How Competitive are Female Professionals? A Tale of Identity Conflict
We develop and test experimentally the argument that gender/family and/or professional identities, activated through priming, influence preference for competition. We focus on female professionalsExpand
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Are You Paying Your Employees to Cheat? An Experimental Investigation
Abstract We compare, through a laboratory experiment using salient financial incentives, misrepresentations of performance under target-based compensation with those under both a linear piece-rateExpand
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Full-length soluble CD147 promotes MMP-2 expression and is a potential serological marker in detection of hepatocellular carcinoma
BackgroundAs a surface glycoprotein, CD147 is capable of stimulating the production of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) from neighboring fibroblasts. The aim of the present study is to explore theExpand
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