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—Wireless sensor network (WSN) is widely used recently and sensor location plays a critical role in WSN such as medical care field. Although GPS receiver on every sensor node can locate successfully, it is costly. In the past, a number of location discovery schemes have been proposed. Most of these schemes are designed without considering the(More)
—This paper presents a highly accurate ECG beat classification system. It uses continuous wavelet transformation combined with time domain morphology analysis to form three separate feature vectors from each beat. Each of these feature vectors are then used separately to train three different support vector machine (SVM) classifiers. During data(More)
An efficient method of detecting circles, called Semi-Random Detection (SRD) based on Right Triangles Inscribed in a Circle (RTIC), is presented. Above all, a 2D compressed Array Space based on the Positions of Valid Pixels (ASPVP) is constructed. And then four points searching method is used to search the corresponding right triangles. After employing a(More)
Water uptake across cell membranes is a principal requirement for plant growth at both the cellular and whole-plant levels. Water movement through plant membranes is regulated by aquaporins. We examined the expression of the OsAQP gene, encodes a tonoplast intrinsic protein (TIP), which was isolated from a rice panicle cDNA library. Semi-quantitative RT-PCR(More)
Two new oxazole/thiazole derivatives, named tetroazolemycins A (1) and B (2), have been isolated from the acetone extract of the mycelium of Streptomyces olivaceus FXJ8.012 derived from deep-sea water, together with three known compounds, spoxazomicins A-C (3-5), isolated from the fermentation supernatant. The planar structure and relative configuration of(More)
an efficient MacroBlock Pair based GME technique (MBP-GME) is proposed. Firstly, we give the definition of macroblock pair and feature macroblocks, not feature points, are extracted from macroblock pairs with the principle of global motion vector synthesis. Secondly, simplified pixel-based gradient descent iteration is performed using the pixels in the(More)
The genome-wide transcriptional responses of S. cerevisiae to heterologous carotenoid biosynthesis were investigated using DNA microarray analysis. The results show that the genes involved in metal ion transport were specifically up-regulated in the recombinant strain, and metal ions, including Cu2+, Fe2+, Mn2+, and Mg2+, were deficient in the recombinant(More)
In this paper, a new method for image magnification is presented. The image reduction is seen as a result of image multiplying with a compressed matrix, and the magnification is stated as an inverse problem of reduction. We exploit the reconstruction idea of Compressed Sensing and propose a norm minimization model to solve the inverse problem. The norm(More)
A new barcode watermarking algorithm in Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) domain is proposed. The algorithm utilizes the visual masking and texture characteristics of Human Visual System (HVS) to achieve the invisible and robust requirements for watermarking. In addition, a barcode which consist vertical bars and numbers is taken as the watermark embedded(More)
INTRODUCTION Cell nuclei are important indicators of cellular processes and diseases. Segmentation is an essential stage in systems for quantitative analysis of nuclei extracted from microscopy images. Given the wide variety of nuclei appearance in different organs and staining procedures, a plethora of methods have been described in the literature to(More)