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Resveratrol is a major phytoalexin produced by plants in response to various stresses and promotes disease resistance. The resistance of North American grapevine Vitis rupestris is correlated with a hypersensitive reaction (HR), while susceptible European Vitis vinifera cv. 'Pinot Noir' does not exhibit HR, but expresses basal defence. We have shown(More)
BACKGROUND Cocos nucifera (coconut), a member of the Arecaceae family, is an economically important woody palm grown in tropical regions. Despite its agronomic importance, previous germplasm assessment studies have relied solely on morphological and agronomical traits. Molecular biology techniques have been scarcely used in assessment of genetic resources(More)
PURPOSE Polymorphisms in factor H (fH), an inhibitor of the alternative pathway (AP) of complement activation, are associated with increased risk for age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The authors investigated the therapeutic use of a novel recombinant form of fH, CR2-fH, which is targeted to sites of complement activation, in mouse choroidal(More)
The cytoskeleton undergoes dramatic reorganization during plant defence. This response is generally interpreted as part of the cellular repolarization establishing physical barriers against the invading pathogen. To gain insight into the functional significance of cytoskeletal responses for defence, two Vitis cell cultures that differ in their microtubular(More)
To overcome the common defects of early convergence in the existing genetic algorithm, an improved genetic algorithm with new crossover operator and new crossover strategy was presented for the solution to the vehicle routing problem with soft time window (VRPTW). Experiments show that the improved genetic algorithm can dramatically reduce the number of(More)
Uncertainty in semiconductor fabrication facilities (fabs) requires scheduling methods to attain quick real-time responses. They should be well tuned to track the changes of a production environment to obtain better operational performance. This paper presents an adaptive dispatching rule (ADR) whose parameters are determined dynamically by real-time(More)
Many results have emerged in design of controller based on numerical optimization techniques, along with various system performance criteria. This paper enumerates common cost function, within which four typical criteria are used as cost function to conduct simulation based on particle swarm optimization. The effects of different cost function cast on(More)
BACKGROUND Influenza is a respiratory disease that seriously threatens human health. In fact, influenza virus itself does not make critical contribution to mortality induced by influenza, but "cytokine storm" produced by the excessive immune response triggered by the virus can result in inflammatory reaction of lung tissues and fatal lung tissue injury, and(More)