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We report the isolation of Pi1, a gene conferring broad-spectrum resistance to rice blast (Magnaporthe oryzae). Using loss- and gain-of-function approaches, we demonstrate that Pi1 is an allele at the Pik locus. Like other alleles at this locus, Pi1 consists of two genes. A functional nucleotide polymorphism (FNP) was identified that allows differentiation(More)
More than 99% of ovarian follicles undergo atresia in mammals, but the mechanism of follicular atresia remains to be elucidated. In this study, we explored microRNA (miRNA) regulation of follicular atresia in porcine ovary. A miRNA expression profile was constructed for healthy, early atretic, and progressively atretic follicles, and the differentially(More)
Pik-h, an allele of Pik, confers resistance against the rice blast pathogen Magnaporthe oryzae. Its positional cloning has shown that it comprises a pair of NBS-LRR genes, Pikh-1 and Pikh-2. While Pikh-1 appears to be constitutively transcribed, the transcript abundance of Pikh-2 responds to pathogen challenge. The Pikh-1 CC (coiled coil) domain interacts(More)
Fig. 2: Spatial maps of the power spectral densities at the respiratory (0.3Hz), cardiac (1Hz), and 3 rd harmonic of cardiac (3Hz), as well as the pulse oximetry regressor map thresholded at z>5. Figure 3: Normalized power spectral density plots of physiological monitoring data and tissues showing prominent spectral features. Introduction: Single-shot Echo(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal obesity has adverse effects on oocyte quality, embryo development, and the health of the offspring. OBJECTIVES To understand the underlying mechanisms responsible for the negative effects of maternal obesity, we investigated the DNA methylation status of several imprinted genes and metabolism-related genes. METHODS Using a(More)
A novel system of automatic competition analysis based on global vision for practical robot soccer games is proposed in this paper to fenfatively overcome gaps behveen simulation compefifions oiidpractical ones. Firstly, to improve performance of vision systems and IO acquire more reliable competition dofa, several ideas including color space(More)
In this paper, we analyze the symbol-error-rate (SER) performance for a two-user amplify-and-forward cooperative system. The closed-form SER formulation with PSK signals is derived first, a upper bound is established to show the asymptotic performance of the cooperation protocol which is tight at high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Moreover, we develop an(More)
Seedling dynamics play a crucial role in determining species distributions and coexistence. Exploring causes of variation in seedling dynamics can therefore provide key insights into the factors affecting these phenomena. We examined the relative importance of biotic neighborhood processes and habitat heterogeneity using survival data for 5,827 seedlings in(More)
Tree survival plays a central role in forest ecosystems. Although many factors such as tree size, abiotic and biotic neighborhoods have been proposed as being important in explaining patterns of tree survival, their contributions are still subject to debate. We used generalized linear mixed models to examine the relative importance of tree size, local(More)
BACKGROUND Soil water and nitrogen (N) are considered to be the main environmental factors limiting plant growth and photosynthetic capacity. However, less is known about the interactive effects of soil water and N on tree growth and photosynthetic response in the temperate ecosystem. METHODS/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We applied N and water, alone and in(More)