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A Spatial-Temporal Hybrid Model for Short-Term Traffic Prediction
Accurate and timely short-term traffic prediction is important for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) to solve the traffic problem. This paper presents a hybrid model called SpAE-LSTM. ThisExpand
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Performance Evaluation for Cognitive Radio Networks with Cooperative Diversity
In this paper, the analysis model which suites to Cognitive Radio (CR) communication together with amplify-and-forward cooperative communication systems where cognitive users can act as cooperative diversity relays to the licensed users based on average Channel State Information (CSI) is presented. Expand
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A Probability Inequality and Its Applications in Selecting Best Normal Means
Abstract In an experiment of treatment selections, random samples are drawn from k populations with different means. The probability that, among the samples, the sample mean from the population withExpand
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Public Bicycle Traffic Flow Prediction based on a Hybrid Model
In China, Hangzhou is the first city to set up the Public Bicycle System. Now, the system has been the largest bike sharing program in the world. The software of Hangzhou Public Bicycle System wasExpand
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Sequence and Regularity Controlled Coordination Copolymerization of Butadiene and Styrene: Strategy and Mechanism
The stereoselective and sequence controlled coordination copolymerizations of butadiene (BD) and styrene (St) with diblock, tapered, gradient, and random sequence distributions were achieved for theExpand
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SER Performance Analysis and Power Allocation for Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks
  • Y. Wang, Fei Lin
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Wireless…
  • 8 October 2007
In this paper, we analyze the symbol-error-rate (SER) performance for a two-user amplify-and-forward cooperative system which is tight at high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Expand
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Optimal power allocation to minimize SER for multinode amplify-and-forward cooperative communication systems
An optimal power allocation (OPA) method with mean channel gains is proposed for a multinode amplify-and-forward cooperative communication system. Expand
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Symbol Error Rate Analysis for Cooperative Diversity Networks in Raighlay Channels
In this paper, the Symbol Error Rate (SER) performance formulation which suited to multi-node amplify-and-forward cooperative communication M-PSK constellation systems with the mean channel gains is derived. Expand
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Development of the digital model of the jewellery production process for resource optimisation and prediction
ABSTRACT Smart manufacturing is becoming one of the core tendencies in manufacturing nowadays. In the conventional production process mode, the varieties in the production process, manpowerExpand
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Finding communities in bicycle sharing system
We propose an interactive visual analytics system to detect the cycling communities of bicycle sharing system to reveal human travel pattern and BSS usage pattern, which potentially aids in developing urban planning policies. Expand
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