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Guided image filter (GIF) is a well-known local filter for its edge-preserving property and low computational complexity. Unfortunately, the GIF may suffer from halo artifacts, because the local linear model used in the GIF cannot represent the image well near some edges. In this paper, a gradient domain GIF is proposed by incorporating an explicit(More)
Phylogeographic patterns of some extant plant and vertebrate species have been well studied; however, they are poorly understood in the majority of insects. The study documents analysis of mitochondrial (COI, CYTB and ND5) and nuclear (5.8S rDNA, ITS2 and 28S rDNA) data from 419 individuals of Adelphocoris suturalis, which is one of the main cotton pests(More)
Detail enhancement is required by many problems in the fields of image processing and computational photography. Existing detail enhancement algorithms first decompose a source image into a base layer and a detail layer via an edge-preserving smoothing algorithm, and then amplify the detail layer to produce a detail-enhanced image. In this letter, we(More)
Exposure fusion is a technique to fuse several differently exposed low dynamic range (LDR) images to an LDR image. The output image has more information than each of the input images, but it could suffer from loss of fine details. In this paper, we propose a detail-enhanced exposure fusion algorithm by introducing an L<sub>0</sub> norm based optimization in(More)
Every year many vehicle departure accidents happen due to the driver's carelessness. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) is a kind of system which can relieve the stress of the drivers and reduce traffic accidents. But most traffic scenes have greater dynamic range than the digital camera at present. It makes the accuracy of the system would be affected by(More)
Superpixel segmentation becomes more and more popular in the fields of computer vision and image processing. The simple linear iterative clustering (SLIC) is widely used due to its high segmentation accuracy and low computational complexity. In this paper, we propose a variance adaptive SLIC (VASLIC) algorithm. The compactness factor of the proposed(More)
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