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Wireless sensor networks have many applications, vary in size, and are deployed in a wide variety of areas. They are often deployed in potentially adverse or even hostile environment so that there are concerns on security issues in these networks. Sensor nodes used to form these networks are resource-constrained, which make security applications a(More)
—Software-defined network (SDN) has become one of the most important architectures for the management of large-scale complex networks, which may require repolicing or recon-figurations from time to time. SDN achieves easy repolicing by decoupling the control plane from data plane. Thus, the network routers/switches just simply forward packets by following(More)
Biomedical sensors, called invivo sensors, are implanted in human bodies, and cause some harmful effects on surrounding body tissues. Particularly, temperature rise of the invivo sensors is dangerous for surrounding tissues, and a high temperature may damage them from a long term monitoring. In this paper, we propose a thermal-aware routing algorithm,(More)
Implantable medical devices (IMDs) have played an important role in many medical fields. Any failure in IMDs operations could cause serious consequences and it is important to protect the IMDs access from unauthenticated access. This study investigates secure IMD data collection within a telehealthcare [mobile health (m-health)] network. We use medical(More)
The rapid accumulation of whole-genome data has renewed interest in the study of using gene-order data for phylogenetic analyses and ancestral reconstruction. Current software and web servers typically do not support duplication and loss events along with rearrangements. MLGOMLGO (Maximum Likelihood for Gene-Order Analysis) is a web tool for the(More)
The natural non-spherical incongruent hip joint cartilage surface is normally assumed as spherical in shape, which has been extensively applied in orthopedic clinic, hip joint simulation studies and hip joint prosthesis design. The aim of the study was to investigate the contributions of non-spherical incongruent hip joint cartilage surface to the hip joint(More)