Fei Gu

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Hypnotic drugs induced sleep is usually different from physiological sleep in restoring body energy. The cause of the differences is not clear. To investigate the differences between these two types of sleep, in this study, hypnotic drug diazepam (DZP) induced sleep was compared with the recovery sleep following sleep deprivation. Power spectral analysis(More)
DNA methylation, a well-studied mechanism of epigenetic regulation, plays important roles in cancer. Increased levels of global DNA methylation is observed in primary solid tumors including endometrial carcinomas and is generally associated with silencing of tumor suppressor genes. The role of DNA methylation in cancer recurrence after therapeutic(More)
There is considerable research in chemistry to develop reaction conditions so that any of a very large number of reactants will successfully form new compounds, e.g. for two components, A(i) + B(j) --> A-B(ij). The numbers of A's and B's usually make it impossible to make all the possible products; with multicomponent reactions, there could easily be(More)
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