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Buttyan found out a security flaw in Ariadne (Y.C. Hu, A. Perrig, andD. B. Johnson, "Ariadne: a secure on-demand routing protocol for ad hoc networks," in Proc. of the Eighth ACM hitl Conf. on Mobile Computing and Networking (MOBI.COM 2002), pp.23-28. Atlanta, GA.2002.) and proposed a secure routing protocol, EndairA (L. Buttyan, and I. Vajda, "Towards(More)
Causal networks are graphically represented by directed acyclic graphs (DAGs). Learning causal networks from data is a challenging problem due to the size of the space of DAGs, the acyclicity constraint placed on the graphical structures, and the presence of equivalence classes. In this article, we develop an L1-penalized likelihood approach to estimate the(More)
Due to direct impact on power supply and thermal component selection, power consideration within the system power budget and operation environment is becoming increasingly important. In this paper, it analyses the sources of FPGA power consumption, present situation, design consideration, popular technologies and analysis tools, etc. It will give readers a(More)
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