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DNA condensation induced by a pair of heptameric La(III) helical enantiomers M-[La7(S-L)6(CO3)(NO3)6(OCH3)(CH3OH)7]·2CH3OH·5H2O and P-[La7(R-L)6(CO3)(NO3)6(OCH3)(CH3OH)5(H2O)2]·2CH3OH·4H2O (M-La and P-La, L=2-(2-hydroxybenzylamino)-3-carbamoylpropanoic acid) has been investigated by UV/vis spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, CD spectroscopy, EMSA,(More)
Three dinuclear nickel triple-stranded supramolecular cylinders [Ni2(L1)3][ClO4]4 (1), [Ni2(L2)3][ClO4]4 (2) and [Ni2(L3)3][ClO4]4 (3) with bis(pyridylimine) Schiff base containing triphenyl groups in the spacers as ligands were synthesized and characterized. The human telomeric G-quadruplexes binding properties of cylinders 1-3 were evaluated by means of(More)
A fascinating polythreaded coordination network formed by 1D crankshaft shaped chains threading into a 2D undulated sheet in a one-over/one-under interweaving fashion was reported, in which the 2D layer exhibits an unusual polyknotted entanglement containing triple-stranded molecular braids.
In the centrosymmetric trinuclear cation of the title compound, [Co₃(C₄H(8)N₄)₆(H₂O)₆](C₁₀H₆O₆S₂)Cl₄, the three Co(II) atoms are bridged by six triazole mol-ecules via the N atoms in the 1,2-positions. The central Co(II) atom, lying on an inversion center, is coordinated by six triazole N atoms while the terminal Co(II) atoms are coordinated by three(More)
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