Fei Chuen Tzang

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Surgical therapies are the first-line treatments for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients. However, the high incidence of tumor metastasis after liver surgery remains a severe problem. We aim to investigate the roles and the underlying mechanism of YQ23, stabilized non-polymeric diaspirin cross-linked tetrameric hemoglobin, in liver tumor metastasis(More)
Adjunct chemoradiation is offered to unresectable esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) patients, while its use is limited in tumors with strong resistance. Oxygen carriers or anti-hypoxic drugs belong to an emerging class of regulators that can alleviate tumor hypoxia. We investigate the potential use of a novel oxygen carrier YQ23 in sensitizing(More)
BACKGROUND To overcome the problems of previously reported hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers, we developed a stabilized nonpolymeric cross-linked tetrameric hemoglobin solution (YQ23). The aims of this study were to investigate the oxygen carrying and releasing properties of this novel hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier and to determine whether it has(More)
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