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The paper represents multi-platform telemedicine solution for the mobile and desktop operating systems targeted to monitor and process patient health status. The system is suitable for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular and skin disease problems. Presented results are preliminary work therefore the paper is more oriented towards specification of user(More)
This paper presents a complex system for monitoring of multiple patients at the same time by the means of acquiring the ECG waveforms from human heart. This system is composed of devices for acquisition of ECG waveforms utilizing Bluetooth technology for wireless data transfer, software applications for mobile devices with internet access, server(More)
—We propose and evaluate an approach for network intrusion detection in high dimensional space. This approach is based on an approximate solution to the nearest neighbor problem. Our evaluation is based on the KDD'99 data set, a Yahoo web spam data set and another set used in the NIPS'03 feature selection challenge. The approximate approach shows that good(More)
—We present results for the formalism of Extended Fuzzy Petri Nets by enriching the enabling and firing rule by introducing the so-called weights and thresholds in order to filter the propagated knowledge. It is shown that knowledge propagation described using such extended Fuzzy Petri nets still terminates in a unique stable state. Based on this result,(More)
The present work is devoted to the development of software tool written in Java for synthesis of asynchronous speed-independent circuits. A special type of Petri nets-Signal Transition Graph, was used for the synthesis. Using the algorithm based on the theory of regions, a logic function is derived from this graph. In order to reduce the complexity of the(More)
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