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The application of non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT/NDE) methodologies in civil engineering has raised a growing interest during the last years because of its potential impact in several different scenarios. As a consequence, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technologies have been widely adopted as an instrument for the inspection of the structural(More)
Wireless power transmission (WPT) through microwave beams represents a key technology for the long distance transfer of energy in the absence of a traditional electrical network. Its importance is demonstrated by the increasing research and industrial activities concerned with the design, manufacturing, and prototyping of efficient WPT systems. In this(More)
1. INTRODUCTION The growing demand of food resources, the rise of energy prices, and the climate changes have been recognized among the main causes of the food crisis that is recently affecting the whole planet [1]. In the framework of industrial agriculture, the dramatic increase of food prices brings back to mind the problem of the intensive exploitation(More)
1. INTRODUCTION In the last years, significant efforts have been made to develop unsupervised systems able to detect landmines or unexploded ordnances for both military and civilian purposes. Several solutions have been proposed based on different methodologies to face this problem in a fast and effective way [1]. In such a framework, learning‐by‐examples(More)
Fleet management is actually a very hot topic in development and research. Modern organizations such as goods transportation companies and emergency/security agencies need to track and coordinate their resources in real-time, typically for supporting control-center officers and optimizing the overall planning. This kind of tools are called decision support(More)