Federico Verzegnassi

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Multilocus genotypes have been shown to be of relevance for using pharmacogenomic principles to individualize drug therapy. As it relates to thiopurine therapy, genetic polymorphisms of TPMT are strongly associated with the pharmacokinetics and clinical effects of thiopurines (mercaptopurine and azathioprine), influencing their toxicity and efficacy. We(More)
The annual incidence of rheumatic fever (RF) in developed countries is 0.5–1/100.000 among subjects at risk. The decline in the incidence of RF observed in the past decades was mostly attributed to improvement of the living conditions and the availability of medical care and widespread use of antibiotics. However, focal outbreaks were reported in the past,(More)
We report the case of a 13 year old girl with SLE initially treated with hydroxycloroquine for a mainly mucocutane-ous involvement. Four months from onset, she presented renal involvement and an acute hemoptysis and she was admitted to our pediatric department. She also presented fever and abnormal laboratory findings (high serum creatinine level, severe(More)
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