Federico Sola

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The short-range order of individual fractal-like amorphous carbon nanotips was investigated by means of energy-filtered electron diffraction in a transmission electron microscope (TEM). The nanostructures were grown in porous silicon substrates in situ within the TEM by the electron beam-induced deposition method. The structure factor S(k) and the reduced(More)
This paper, which deals with variable stiffness composites, is aimed at showing the effects of optimization on the response characteristics and stress fields of these materials. A new optimization technique that has recently been developed is used to find spatially variable distributions of stiffness properties at any point, which minimize the interlaminar(More)
Physically based zigzag models have the merit of giving accurate stress predictions for laminates and sandwiches keeping fixed the functional degrees of freedom, though at the expense of the introduction of their derivatives. In the present paper, a technique that enables deleting these derivatives is developed. The objective is finding a priori corrections(More)
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