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BACKGROUND Thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke with a lower-than-standard dose of intravenous alteplase may improve recovery along with a reduced risk of intracerebral hemorrhage. METHODS Using a 2-by-2 quasi-factorial open-label design, we randomly assigned 3310 patients who were eligible for thrombolytic therapy (median age, 67 years; 63%(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate whether impaired flow mediated vasodilation precedes the clinical manifestations of preeclampsia and whether is associated with inflammation. METHODS We conducted a nested case-control study in a prospective cohort of 506 normotensive women recruited before the 30th week of gestation (mean gestational(More)
OBJECTIVE A cut-off value for waist circumference (WC) of 94 cm associated with cardiovascular risk factors (CVRF) has been recommended in Caucasian populations. However, it is unclear if recommendations derived from Western studies should be extrapolated to populations from developing countries. The present study evaluated a group of Colombian subjects to(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Currently, more than 30% of the caloric intake in the Colombian population comes from vegetable oil consumption mainly by the ingestion of deep-fried foods. Recently, it has been reported that unsaturated fatty acid rich oils have a beneficial effect on the endothelial function. Nevertheless, it is well know that the deep-frying process(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to evaluate endothelial function in migraineurs subjects during the asymptomatic period. BACKGROUND Migraine has been proposed as a risk factor for cerebrovascular events. The underlying mechanisms that relate these 2 pathologies are unknown. Nitric oxide (NO) has been proposed as the final causative molecule of(More)
Extrapontine osmotic myelinolysis is a rare nervous system complication. Symptoms of this malady were presented during the clinical examination of a 49-year-old alcoholic male, who arrived at the hospital emergency room in a state of cardiorespiratory arrest. After resuscitation methods were applied, the patient was found in metabolic acidosis (pH 7.014)(More)
Endothelial dysfunction (ED), which is often evaluated by flow-mediated vasodilation (FMV) in the brachial artery, has been postulated as a predictor of cardiac events. Although the upper and forearm location of the occlusion device have been used for FMV evaluation, currently there is no consensus whether they provide the same information. The main goal of(More)
BACKGROUND Cutaneous Leishmaniasis is a worldwide disease, endemic in 88 countries, that has shown an increasing incidence over the last two decades. So far, pentavalent antimony compounds have been considered the treatment of choice, with a percentage of cure of about 85%. However, the high efficacy of these drugs is counteracted by their many(More)