Federico Ruiz

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Eucalyptus globulus is widely used in productive exotic plantations but the expansion of these plantations is limited by low temperatures, as its cold hardening capacity is limited (0.5 to 3.0 °C). It is not well understood how nursery fertilisation affects the field performance of plants. This led us to study the effect of three mineral nutrients (N, P and(More)
Sustainable forest management requires knowledge of forest structure and dynamics as well as an estimation of growing stock. The forest inventory provides the data for estimating stand variables. The measurement device MU2005-01738, patented by the Center for Forest Research (INIA-CIFOR), provides stereoscopic hemispherical images which can allow the 3D(More)
A continuous adaptive modulation multitone system for multipath fading channels is shown. To obtain a target BER and maximum aggregated rate, each subcarrier bit rate is modified independently to adjust the transmitted signal to the spectral channel shape and to track the channel variations dynamically. Spectral efficiency and the required feedback channel(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Stomatal conductance has long been considered of key interest in the study of plant adaptation to water stress. The expected increase in extreme meteorological events under a climate change scenario may compromise survival in Eucalyptus globulus plantations established in south-western Spain. We investigated to what extent changes in(More)
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