Federico Rossi

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Objective. To describe the prevalence, location and sports distribution of pelvic avulsion fractures in adolescent competitive athletes. Design and patients. One thousand two hundred and thirty-eight radiographs of the pelvis taken for focal traumatic symptoms in athletes with an age range of 11–35 years over a period of 22 years were reviewed. Results. One(More)
During interphase in Drosophila neuroblasts, the Centrobin (CNB)-positive daughter centriole retains pericentriolar material (PCM) and organizes an aster that is a key determinant of the orientation of cell division. Here we show that daughter centrioles depleted of CNB cannot fulfil this function whereas mother centrioles that carry ectopic CNB can. CNB(More)
Cyanobacterial extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) are heteropolysaccharides that possess characteristics suitable for industrial applications, notably a high number of different monomers, strong anionic nature and high hydrophobicity. However, systematic studies that unveil the conditions influencing EPS synthesis and/or its characteristics are(More)
BACKGROUND There is a lack of prospective, randomized studies comparing the diagnostic yield and complication rates of 22-gauge and 25-gauge needles during EUS-FNA of solid pancreatic masses. OBJECTIVES Our primary aim was to compare the diagnostic yield of 22-gauge and 25-gauge needles. Secondary aims included determining the number of needle passes(More)
Screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria is a standard of obstetrical care and is included in most antenatal guidelines. There is good evidence that treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria will decrease the incidence of pyelonephritis. All pregnant women should be screened for asymptomatic bacteriuria, and there are no new data that would indicate otherwise.(More)
BACKGROUND A significant number of self-expandable metal stents (SEMSs) placed to palliate malignant biliary obstruction will occlude. Few data exist as to what constitutes optimal management. OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to review the management and outcomes of patients with biliary SEMS occlusion. DESIGN AND SETTING Retrospective chart review at a single(More)
Three coccoid and two filamentous cyanobacterial strains were isolated from phototrophic biofilms exposed to intense solar radiation on lithic surfaces of the Parasurameswar Temple and Khandagiri caves, located in Orissa State, India. Based on to their morphological features, the three coccoid strains were assigned to the genera Gloeocapsosis and(More)
The growing concern for the increase of the global warming effects due to anthropogenic activities raises the challenge of finding novel technological approaches to stabilize CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and counteract impinging interconnected issues such as desertification and loss of biodiversity. Biological-CO2 mitigation, triggered through biological(More)
Nowadays packet classification is a fundamental task for network devices such as edge routers, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Determining which flow packets belong to is important for many applications, and it is necessary, for example, to provide differentiated services, to detect anomalous traffic and to sort attack patterns. Therefore packet(More)
During development, macrophages invade organs to establish phenotypically and transcriptionally distinct tissue-resident populations. How they invade and colonize these organs is unclear. In particular, it remains to be established whether they arise from naive equivalents that colonize organs randomly or whether there are committed macrophages that follow(More)