Federico Romá

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We study the efficiency of parallel tempering Monte Carlo technique for calculating true ground states of the Edwards-Anderson spin glass model. Bimodal and Gaussian bond distributions were considered in two and three-dimensional lattices. By a systematic analysis, we have obtained the values of the appropriate simulation parameters for reaching quickly the(More)
The specific area of a substrate was determined from the results of adsorption isotherms performed with a sequence of four alkanes, from methane to butane, using three different approaches. The data were first analyzed using the BET equation and the point B methods; these results were compared with those obtained using a new equation designed for examining(More)
In this work we study a simple model of multilayer adsorption of noninteracting polyatomic species on homogeneous and heterogeneous surfaces. A new approximate analytic isotherm is obtained and validated by comparing with Monte Carlo simulation in one- and two-dimensional lattices. Then, we use the well-known Brunauer-Emmet-Teller (BET) approach to analyze(More)
Monte Carlo simulations and finite-size scaling analysis have been carried out to study the critical behavior in a submonolayer lattice-gas of interacting monomers adsorbed on one-dimensional channels arranged in a triangular cross-sectional structure. Two kinds of lateral interaction energies have been considered: (1) w(L), interaction energy between(More)
Multisite-occupancy adsorption is described by using a new formalism based on the occupation balance approximation (Roma, F.; Ramirez-Pastor, A. J.; Riccardo, J. L. J. Chem. Phys. 2001, 114, 10932). In this framework, the adsorption isotherm is characterized by a correction function C, which relates to the conditional probability of finding the ith empty(More)
We introduce a numerical method to integrate the stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation in spherical coordinates for generic discretization schemes. This method conserves the magnetization modulus and ensures the approach to equilibrium under the expected conditions. We test the algorithm on a benchmark problem: the dynamics of a uniformly magnetized(More)
A molecular model is proposed to study the enantioselective adsorption of chiral species on metallic surfaces modified through the preadsorption of another chiral species, known as template surfaces. It is found that anisotropic and exclusive interactions among adsorbed species are essential factors in the enantioselective process. It is shown how the(More)
A new theoretical description of fractional statistical theory of adsorption (FSTA) phenomena is presented based on Haldane's statistics. Thermodynamic functions for adsorption of polyatomics are analytically developed. The entropy is characterized by an exclusion parameter g, which relates to the configuration of the admolecules and surface geometry. FSTA(More)
Experimental adsorption isotherms of five n-paraffins (ethane, propane, butane, pentane, and hexane) in 5A zeolite were described by means of a statistical thermodynamics model for linear adsorbates (MLA) developed by Ramirez-Pastor et al. (1999) and compared with the well-known multisite Langmuir model (MSL) of Nitta et al. (1984). The experimental data,(More)
We present simulation results for the one-dimensional random deposition of two annihilating species A and B, falling with probabilities p and q (p+q=1), which then react to produce an inert product, i.e., A+B-->0. Two different annihilation rules are defined: top annihilation and nearest-neighbor annihilation (NNA), leading to distinct scaling behaviors. In(More)