Federico Romá

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We study the efficiency of parallel tempering Monte Carlo technique for calculating true ground states of the Edwards-Anderson spin glass model. Bimodal and Gaussian bond distributions were considered in two and three-dimensional lattices. By a systematic analysis, we have obtained the values of the appropriate simulation parameters for reaching quickly the(More)
The growth of ballistic aggregates on deterministic fractal substrates is studied by means of numerical simulations. First, we attempt the description of the evolving interface of the aggregates by applying the well-established Family-Vicsek dynamic scaling approach. Systematic deviations from that standard scaling law are observed, suggesting that(More)
– The isotropic-nematic (IN) phase transition in a system of long straight rigid rods of length k on square lattices is studied by combining Monte Carlo simulations and theoretical modelling. The process is analyzed by comparing the configurational entropy of the system with the corresponding to a fully aligned system, whose calculation reduces to the 1D(More)
Monte Carlo simulations and finite-size scaling analysis have been carried out to study the critical behavior in a submonolayer lattice-gas of interacting monomers adsorbed on one-dimensional channels arranged in a triangular cross-sectional structure. Two kinds of lateral interaction energies have been considered: (1) w(L), interaction energy between(More)
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