Federico Rodríguez

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the response rate of Hispanics with chronic hepatitis C to combination therapy of interferon alfa-2b plus ribavirin and to assess its adverse events. BACKGROUND Hepatitis C virus may lead to chronic infection and multiple complications. Response to combination therapy of interferon plus ribavirin has been studied in many populations.(More)
M. Acciarri 25 A. Adam 43, O. Adriani 15, M. Aguilar-Benitez 24, S. Ahlen 9, J. Alcaraz 16, A. Aloisio 27, G. Alverson t~ M.G. Alviggi 27, G. Ambrosi 32, Q. An 17, H. Anderhub 46, A.L. Anderson t4, V.P. Andreev 36, T. Angelescu 11, L. Antonov 4~ D. Antreasyan 7, G. Alkhazov 36, P. Arce 24, A. Arefiev 26, T. Azemoon 3, T. Aziz 8, P.V.K.S. Baba iT, P. Bagnaia(More)