Federico Rizzo

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An innovative and cost effective guide system for blind people is presented in this paper. Thanks to the spread of handheld hardware and software technology such as PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and smartphones, wireless communication, TTS (Text To Speech) and database software for mobile devices, the authors achieved to build a portable, easy to use(More)
The continuously increasing diffusion of application scenarios requiring pervasive data sensing has lead to the development of novel monitoring solutions leveraging on Heterogeneous Sensor Networks (HSNs). At the moment, only little attention has been dedicated to the design of multi-purposes applications devoted to process, filter and use data from HSNs(More)
The fluorescence emission characteristics of the photosynthetic apparatus under conditions of open (F0) and closed (FM) Photosystem II reaction centres have been investigated under steady state conditions and by monitoring the decay lifetimes of the excited state, in vivo, in the green alga Chlorella sorokiniana. The results indicate a marked wavelength(More)
Many synchronization algorithms for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems have been proposed. Among them, the time synchronization algorithm by correlating the training sequence with the local known sequence can obtain good performance with a sharp synchronization peak. Detection threshold is an important and necessary parameter in time(More)
Cloud computing and, in particular, cloud storage, has successfully boosted a variety of applications, in several domains; with proven acceptance and benefits by end users. While peculiar features of the cloud, e.g., redundancy, scalability and accessibility, are still highly desirable, several new scenarios are nowadays emerging, which call for additional(More)
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