Federico Riccardi Sirtori

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The R132H mutation of cytosolic isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH1) is present in the majority of low grade gliomas.Immunotherapy in these tumors has an interesting, still unexploited, therapeutic potential, as they are less immunosuppressive than glioblastomas. Using site-directed mutagenesis we introduced the R132H mutation into the murine glioma cell line(More)
ESI-MS is a well established technique for the study of biopolymers (nucleic acids, proteins) and their non covalent adducts, due to its capacity to detect ligand-target complexes in the gas phase and allows inference of ligand-target binding in solution. In this article we used this approach to investigate the interaction of ligands to the Heat Shock(More)
Postreplicative mismatch repair (MMR) is a cellular system involved in the recognition and correction of DNA polymerase errors that escape detection in proofreading. Of the various mismatched bases, T:G pairing in DNA is one of the more common mutations leading to the formation of tumors in humans. In addition, the absence of the MMR system can generate(More)
The DNA alkylating mechanism of PNU-159682 (PNU), a highly potent metabolite of the anthracycline nemorubicin, was investigated by gel-electrophoretic, HPLC-UV, and micro-HPLC/mass spectrometry (MS) measurements. PNU quickly reacted with double-stranded oligonucleotides, but not with single-stranded sequences, to form covalent adducts which were detectable(More)
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