Federico Querci

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AIMS To evaluate which triple oral therapy between metformin + pioglitazone + sitagliptin and metformin + pioglitazone + glibenclamide can be more useful in improving glycaemic control and should be(More)
Chronic glucocorticoid (GC) therapy is associated with an increased risk of developing cataracts and glaucoma, and recommendations have been developed for monitoring these side effects in patients(More)
We studied the effects of a premeal sc injection of an analog of somatostatin (SMS 201-995, Sandoz) on the postprandial glycemic excursions, insulin requirement and hormone profiles (GH, glucagon and(More)
AIM To compare, using a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, the effect on glycaemic variability of insulin glargine, detemir and lispro protamine. METHODS A total of 49 white people with(More)