Federico Pousa

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Hepatopulmonary syndrome is defined as a triad of liver disease, arterial hypoxemia, and intrapulmonary vascular dilatation. The clinical hallmark of this disorder is the impairment of pulmonary gas exchange, not necessarily correlated with the severity of the underlying liver disease. Liver transplantation (OLT) is the only definitive treatment for this(More)
The Swap Body Vehicle Routing Problem (SB-VRP) is a generalization of the classical Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) where a particular structure as well as several operational aspects for the trucks composing the fleet are considered. aiming to motivate the study of real-world logistic problems. A truck can carry either only one swap body or, in addition, an(More)
Cirrhosis due to hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is the current leading indication for orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) in the world. This series reports our program's experience with the treatment of HCV infection after the development of histological hepatitis. Between March 2002 and June 2008, patients with recurrent HCV were selected for(More)
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