Federico Perez De Berti

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We have identified a 101-amino-acid polypeptide derived from the sequence of the IIA binding site of human albumin. The polypeptide contains residues that make contact with IIA ligands in the parent protein, and eight cysteine residues to form disulfide bridges, that stabilize the polypeptide structure. Seventy-four amino acids are located in six α-helical(More)
Bovine and human serum albumins catalyze the aldol reaction of aromatic aldehyedes and acetone, with saturation kinetics and moderate and opposite enantioselectivity. The reaction occurs at the binding site in domain IIa, and is inhibited by warfarin. Kinetic data are consistent with an enamine mechanism. The activity is conserved in a 103 aminoacid peptide(More)
The four-step conversion of a series of N-Boc-protected l-amino acid methyl esters into enantiopure N-Boc allylamines by a modified Julia olefination is described. Key steps include the reaction of a lithiated phenylalkylsulfone with amino esters, giving chiral β-ketosulfones, and the reductive elimination of related α-acetoxysulfones. The overall(More)
Sterol carrier protein 2 (SCP2), a small intracellular domain present in all forms of life, binds with high affinity a broad spectrum of lipids. Due to its involvement in the metabolism of long-chain fatty acids and cholesterol uptake, it has been the focus of intense research in mammals and insects; much less characterized are SCP2 from other eukaryotic(More)
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