Federico Pecoraro

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Facioscapulohumeral dystrophy (FSHD) is a muscular disease usually spreading from upper to lower body and characterised by asymmetric muscle weakness. Walking ability is compromised in these patients, with a consequent high risk of falls. A quantitative analysis of the upper body oscillations may unveil useful information about the capacity of these(More)
To determine the reproducibility and robustness of an ELISA to detect anti-Trichinella IgG in pig sera which was previously validated at the Community Reference Laboratory for Parasites (CRLP), a ring trial was organized involving European and extra-European reference laboratories for Trichinella. The sensitivity and specificity of the assay determined by(More)
The binding of L-tryptophan to Escherichia coli tryptophan aporepressor enables the holorepressor complex to bind operator DNA tightly. The side chain of residue alanine 77 is located in one of the most flexible regions of Trp repressor, between residues critical for binding DNA. Codon-directed mutagenesis was used to make genes encoding mutant Trp(More)
Possible correlations between lipid metabolism and hydroelectrolytic and acid base balances were studied in pathological conditions. For this purpose 24 patients with essential dyslipidaemia without renal or hepatic disease, and 47 patients with varying disease conditions, 25 with profound alterations in the lipid balance, 22 with plasmatic lipid fractions(More)
Following i.v. administration of 0,4 mg Naloxone, a pure antagonist of opioid peptides, a study of renal function was performed in 5 patients who underwent oral water load equal to 20 cc/Kg water for 15-20 min. Within 15 min after administration of the drug all cases showed a further increase in urinary flow resulting from an increase in glomerular(More)
In 7 healthy subjects a 2,5 mg/Kg dose of i.v. phosphatidylcholine a drug with an high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, caused variations in renal functionality as follows: a statistically significant increase of: urine flow, renal blood flow, glomerular filtration rate and sodium excretion. The above phenomena which resulted in a hypertonic(More)
The increase of gastric mucosal defensive reachons under linoleic acid loading (20 mg/kg i.m. x 2 x 10 die; 140-220 mg/kg per os x 2 x 15 die), was evaluated in hydrocortisone treated rats (10 mg/kg i.m. x 2 x 10 die) and in rats stressed by immobilisation at a low temperature (at 4 degrees for 1 hour). The incidence and extent of gastric lesions were(More)