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In this framework optical switching is seen as an important research topic and new approaches and concepts are emerging. In this work two such concepts are illustrated. The first is viewing a transparent optical network as a single entity, where transmission and switching are not treated as separate blocks consisting of non-interacting entities: optical(More)
We outline work performed within the framework of a current EC project. The goal is to construct a language-independent information system for a specific domain (environment/ecology/biodiversity) anchored in a language-independent ontology that is linked to wordnets in seven languages. For each language, information extraction and identification of(More)
The revolution in information technology is making open sources more accessible, ubiquitous, and valuable. The international Intelligence Communities have seen open sources grow increasingly easier and cheaper to acquire in recent years. Up to 80% of electronic data is textual and most valuable information is often encoded in pages which are neither(More)
The Web is a huge virtual space where to express and share individual opinions, influencing any aspect of life, with implications for marketing and communication alike. Social Media are influencing consumersâ preferences by shaping their attitudes and behaviors. Monitoring the Social Media activities is a good way to measure customersâ(More)
The availability of huge amount of data from a bewildering variety of sources leads to the well-identified nowadays paradox: an overload of information means no usable knowledge. Text Mining and Knowledge Management technologies are therefore assuming a key role for many organizations: in order to propose competitive products or services it is necessary to(More)
We discuss the problem of scheduling bandwidth-guaranteed and best-effort traffic in interconnected WDM rings. The problem is formally defined as an ILP problem. We propose complex optimal algorithms based on flow maximization and simpler heuristic solutions to solve the scheduling problem. Performance of the presented algorithms, obtained by simulation,(More)
— Many proposals of input queuing cell switch architectures have recently appeared in the literature. Some have even found application in commercial very high speed IP routers. In this paper we discuss the pros and cons of input and output queuing switch architectures, we provide a taxonomy of scheduling algorithms for input queuing switches, and we present(More)
The world has fundamentally changed as the Internet has become a universal means of communication. The Web is a huge virtual space where to express individual opinions and influence any aspect of life. Internet contains a wealth of data that can be mined to detect valuable opinions, with implications even in the political arena. Nowadays the Web sources are(More)