Federico Mainardi

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Headache may be associated with seizures as a preictal, ictal, or postictal phenomenon, but it is often neglected because of the dramatic neurological manifestations of the seizure. Headache can also be the sole or predominant clinical manifestation of epileptic seizures, although this is a relatively rare condition. We describe two cases of focal(More)
We report the case of a patient suffering from migraine with and without aura who had a complete remission of both during warfarin treatment for pulmonary embolism; the attacks reappeared promptly during two treatment withdrawals. We highlight warfarin as prophylactic drug in migraine prophylaxis and discuss about new, safer and more specific anticoagulants(More)
This study evaluates osmophobia (defined as an unpleasant perception, during a headache attack, of odours that are non-aversive or even pleasurable outside the attacks) in connection with the diagnosis of primary headaches. We recruited 775 patients from our Headache Centre (566 females, 209 males; age 38+/-12 years), of whom 477 were migraineurs without(More)
A new form of headache, whose attacks seem to be stereotyped, has been recently reported; because of the peculiarity of its onset, strictly related to airplane travel, the name of "Airplane headache" was proposed. A total of 7 cases have been published. Here we present the first Italian one. Furthermore the revision of the clinical characteristics of each(More)
We conducted a study on 367 patients (86% female, 14% male; mean age 37+/-15 years) suffering from migraine with and without aura and chronic tension-type headache to evaluate the incidence of weight gain, an undesirable side effect observed during prophylactic therapy in primary headaches. Patients treated with amitriptyline (20 and 40 mg), pizotifen (1(More)
Cluster headache (CH) is a well characterized primary headache disorder. Nevertheless, symptomatic CH has been reported in association with various underlying diseases. Symptomatic cluster headache related to ocular pathologies have been rarely described. We report a case consequent to a surgical operation for cataract.
The headache attributed to airplane travel, also named "airplane headache", is characterized by the sudden onset of a severe head pain exclusively in relation to airplane flights, mainly during the landing phase. Secondary causes, such as upper respiratory tract infections or acute sinusitis, must be ruled out. Although its cause is not thoroughly(More)