Federico Lecumberry

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—Sparse data models, where data is assumed to be well represented as a linear combination of a few elements from a dictionary, have gained considerable attention in recent years, and their use has led to state-of-the-art results in many signal and image processing tasks. It is now well understood that the choice of the sparsity regularization term is(More)
Shape models (SMs), capturing the common features of a set of training shapes, represent a new incoming object based on its projection onto the corresponding model. Given a set of learned SMs representing different objects classes, and an image with a new shape, this work introduces a joint classification-segmentation framework with a twofold goal. First,(More)
Minimal surface regularization has been used in several applications ranging from stereo to image segmentation, sometimes hidden as a graph-cut discrete formulation, or as a strictly convex approximation to TV minimization. In this paper we consider a modified version of minimal surface regulariza-tion coupled with a robust data fitting term for(More)
We developed an EBGM-based algorithm that successfully implements face recognition under constrained conditions. A suitable adaptation of the Gabor filters was found through a power spectral analisys (PSD) of the face images. We outperformed the best-known implementations of the EBGM algorithm in the FERET database. The results are comparable with those of(More)
—This work proposes lossless and near-lossless compression algorithms for multi-channel biomedical signals. The algorithms are sequential and efficient, which makes them suitable for low-latency and low-power signal transmission applications. We make use of information theory and signal processing tools (such as universal coding, universal prediction, and(More)
The " Big Data " era has arisen, driven by the increasing availability of data from multiple sources such as social media, online transactions, network sensors or mobile devices. This is currently a focus of interest among public and private organizations, governments, research institutes and companies operating in diverse fields as health, security,(More)