Federico Guede Fernández

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The aim of this paper is to present a smartphone based system for real-time pulse-to-pulse (PP) interval time series acquisition by frame-to-frame camera image processing. The developed smartphone application acquires image frames from built-in rear-camera at the maximum available rate (30 Hz) and the smartphone GPU has been used by Renderscript API for(More)
As a consequence of increasing life expectancy, the promotion of lifestyles that allow aging wellbeing guarantees has acquired great importance in the developed countries. However, the adherence to healthy behaviors in young and adult people remains as a big problem in the community health field. The development of markers of adherence to healthy lifestyles(More)
This work compares several fiducial points to detect the arrival of a new pulse in a photoplethysmographic signal using the built-in camera of smartphones or a photoplethysmograph. Also, an optimization process for the signal preprocessing stage has been done. Finally we characterize the error produced when we use the best cutoff frequencies and fiducial(More)
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