Federico García Romeu

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The Chilean frog, CalyptocephaMla gaff, placed in dilute NaCI solutions may pump Na + and C1at very different rates depending on the kind of bath solutions in which it was preadapted. Furthermore, Na + and C1may be absorbed from solutions in which the accompanying colon, such as sulfate and choline, respectively, is impermeant. In all these cases it is(More)
On décrit le système neurosécrétoire caudal de Jenynsia lineata. L'urophyse de cette espèce est un organe bien différencié, séparé de la moelle par une membrane méningée discontinue, et formé de fibres qui y arrivent après avoir constitué un pédoncule principal. Les fibres ne pénètrent pas par celui-ci, le font par les orifices de la membrane méningée. Dans(More)
A distinct spinal cord structure is described in the teleostean fish J. lineata wich occupies the medial dorsal aspect of the cord, and extends in depth from the dorsal surface to the tectum of the central canal. This structure is characterized by the presence of large quantities of glycogen; this feature makes it similar in certain aspects to the(More)
The caudal neurosecretory system of Clupea melanostoma is described. The urophyseal area in this species is merely a spinal cord enlargement divided into two distinct zones: a ventral and ventrolateral vascular zone where neurosecretory material is concentrated, and a dorsal cell-rich area where the perikarya of the neurosecretory cells are found. The(More)
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