Federico Frigerio

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A novel 3D surface imaging technique using Active Wavefront Sampling (AWS) is presented. In this technique, the optical wavefront traversing a lens is sampled at two or more off-axis locations and the resulting motion of each target feature is measured. This target feature image motion can be used to calculate the feature's distance to the camera. One(More)
As image resolution and image processing algorithms improve, errors due to optical aberrations become increasingly significant. Typical approaches to minimizing this problem are to carefully calibrate lenses, index match fluids, construct experimental setups using flat access ports and, where possible, to use calibration targets placed directly in the flow(More)
24 workers (10 involved in the preparation and 14 in administration) exposed to cyclophosphamide (CP) and ifosfamide (IF) in two Italian hospitals were monitored. The extent of exposure was assessed by the analysis of air samples, wipe samples, pads and gloves. Urinary excretion at the beginning and at the end of the work shift was also measured by(More)
A digital radiographic system using storage phosphor detectors was employed in order to verify radiotherapy treatments with high energy photon beams (60Co-18 MV X-rays). The wide range linearity of the detectors and also the possibility of digital image post-processing allowed portal films to be obtained with sufficient contrast in all treatment techniques,(More)
The potential effects of electromagnetic fields is a problem that interest the public opinion, as the modern society expose all people to electromagnetic non ionizing radiations. The problem has a particular and important meaning facing the return to normal life and work conditions of a cardiopatic subject bearing a pacemaker (PM) or implantable(More)
Occupational exposure of subjects working on break-rock engins for production of porfido cube, in hand-harm system, has been here evaluated. The breaking mechanism of the rock and its biophysic effects has been studied. The results show a significant exposure of hands, mainly due to the break-rock engine called "by control falling".
EC Directive 2006/25/EC, recently receipted by Italy, requires the evaluation of workers exposition to optical artificial radiation, both coherent (LASER) and incoherent. Evaluation criteria based upon International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines require for incoeherent sources an evaluation depending on radiation(More)
A study using individual dosimetry to evaluate the daily inhaled dose of sixteen aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons in three groups of primary school children, living in three Italian towns with 50,000 inhabitants or less, (Treviglio-Lombardy; Poggibonsi-Tuscany; Valenza-Piedmont) is presented. The simultaneous use of two passive samplers (radial(More)
The turbulent velocity and vorticity fields of a jet confined to a swirling flow incorporating a sudden expansion have been obtained by using Digital Particle Image Velocimetry Cinematography (DPIVC). This technique allows the resolution of the instantaneous velocity field of a planar cut in the flow over a long period of time, so that temporal variations(More)
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