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In tropical regions where agricultural activities are limited, agroforestry is an alternative for both economic development and for the management and conservation of biodiversity. The potential role of different types of land use as reservoirs of dung beetle diversity in the wet tropical forest of the Pacific lowlands of Colombia is evaluated in three(More)
The loss of biodiversity caused by human activity is assumed to alter ecosystem functioning. However our understanding of the magnitude of the effect of these changes on functional diversity and their impact on the dynamics of ecological processes is still limited. We analyzed the functional diversity of copro-necrophagous beetles under different conditions(More)
  • A Zerger, I D Bishop, F Escobar, G J Hunter
  • 2002
Geographic information systems (GIS) are a rapidly evolving technology that has recently been integrated into undergraduate and postgraduate learning. GIS is also a multidisciplinary technology that has important relevance beyond its traditional disciplinary homes. This paper describes an initiative developed by the Department of Geomatics at the University(More)
  • F Escobar, S Díaz, C Gutiérrez, Y Ledeneva, C Hernández, D Rodríguez +1 other
  • 2014
This paper describes the simulation of movement control of a one-degree-of-freedom articulated robot arm SCARA actuated by a pair of McKibben pneumatic artificial muscles. The pneumatic artificial muscle is the actuator and emulates the behavior of biological muscles; due to its nonlinear behavior, there is also a need to develop control systems for robot(More)
The repeated use of sleeping sites by frugivorous vertebrates promotes the deposition and aggregation of copious amounts of seeds in these sites. This spatially contagious pattern of seed deposition has key implications for seed dispersal, particularly because such patterns can persist through recruitment. Assessing the seed rain patterns in sleeping sites(More)
Identifying the drivers shaping biological assemblages in fragmented tropical landscapes is critical for designing effective conservation strategies. It is still unclear, however, whether tropical biodiversity is more strongly affected by forest loss, by its spatial configuration or by matrix composition across different spatial scales. Assessing the(More)
The growing number of urban ecology studies has raised concern about the importance of comprehending the ecological patterns and processes of urban areas in order to manage and plan them properly. In this study, we performed a rapid descriptive ecological assessment of the biodiversity patterns in a neotropical mid-sized urban area from a multi-taxonomic(More)
Aims The fauna of mountains and their surrounding regions are likely to be influenced principally by two biological processes: horizontal colonization along similar altitudinal levels by elements originating from lineages inhabiting higher latitudes; and vertical colonization by lineages from the same latitude, but at lower altitudes. We examine whether the(More)
  • R Lemus, S Díaz, C Gutiérrez, D Rodríguez, F Escobar, Resumen Este
  • 2014
This paper presents an algorithm of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) with a scanning laser range finder and radiofrequency identification technology (RFID) to include landmarks of an object or place within a generated map. For the testing phase was used of simulation software Anykode's Marilou and was used to build a virtual mobile robot with(More)