Federico Delfino

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The NF-kappaB transcription factor modulates a number of gene responses to hormonal stimuli. NF-kappaB can be induced by growth promoting hormones and cytokines, has been shown to counteract the effectiveness of steroid hormones and has recently been found to be regulated during mammalian spermatogenesis. Recent advances in the characterization of the(More)
SUMMARY The lightning performance of an overhead Multiconductor Transmission Line (MTL) system is typically represented by means of curves reporting how many lightning faults per year the system may experience as a function of its insulation level [1]. In other words, it expresses the probability that the lines are subject to an overvoltage greater than(More)
The estimation of the lightning performance of a power distribution network is of great importance to design its protection system against lightning. An accurate evaluation of the number of lightning events that can create dangerous overvoltages requires a huge computational effort, as it implies the adoption of a Monte Carlo procedure. Such a procedure(More)