Federico Caranzano

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In the mature isthmo-optic nucleus, the neuronal perikarya are arranged in a convoluted lamina surrounding the neuropil, and the primary dendrites of each neuron project perpendicular to the lamina into the neuropil. Thus, the neurons are highly polarized. It was previously believed that this mature morphology was the result of remodelling during the last(More)
The aim of this study was to compare oval and round window vibroplasty. Eighteen (18) patients implanted with Vibrant Soundbridge (VSB) were enrolled. Two groups were formed depending on FMT placement: on round window in ten cases (RW group) and on oval window in eight (OW group). Pre and postoperative audiological tests were performed both under headphones(More)
Surgery passes through a continuous evolution, thanks to the introduction of new technologies and techniques. Tissue-sparing surgery is a concept introduced in the last years to address prosthetic surgery to a more conservative fashion. We discuss the TSS decalogue with a critical eye, pointing out how traditional surgery is evolving in accordance with TSS(More)
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