Federico Caniato

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Continuous Improvement is a consolidated concept in theory and practice, mainly in the context of a single organisation. Within the increasingly turbulent and uncertain environment the concept of Continuous Improvement should be transferred and extended to the level of collaborative continuous improvement to understand the improvement and learning process(More)
The industry of luxury goods is worth investigating from the point of view of operations and supply chain (SC) strategy. Several authors expressed the need to focus SC strategy and align it towards the critical success factors (CSF) of the product/market. Despite this is a relevant topic also for the luxury industry, very few specific contributions dealing(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o This research aims to evaluate the state of the art of Purchasing and Supply Management (PSM). This is carried out through a wide, in-depth, and structured examination of published works. More than one thousand papers (i.e., 1055) published in 20 peer-reviewed journals were collected and analyzed to provide a snapshot of PSM research,(More)
Companies today are increasing efforts to develop their vendor evaluation system (VES) to qualify and select the best suppliers, monitor their performance and foster continuous improvement. VES lies at the intersection of three disciplines: purchasing management, supply chain management, and performance management. The extant literature especially focuses(More)
This paper investigates the moderating effect of global supply chain (SC) configurations on the relationship between SC improvement programs and operational performance improvement, based on data collected from the fifth edition of the International Manufacturing Strategy Survey (IMSS). Configurations are defined through the level of sourcing, manufacturing(More)
The objective of this study is twofold. Firstly, to analyze sustainability practices adopted in collaboration, including vertical collaboration i.e., with other actors or stages upstream or downstream in the supply chain, and horizontal collaboration i.e., with actors such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Secondly, to identify the sustainability(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o This paper aims to investigate the effects of supplier collaboration on the firm innovation performance as well as the enabling characteristics of the purchasing function. This is an original contribution as few papers empirically test the effect of supplier collaboration (meant as supplier involvement, development, and integration) on(More)
The research presented in this paper was aimed at increasing the current understanding of the process of developing collaborative improvement in Extended Manufacturing Enterprises (EME). Based on action research and action learning of three EMEs involving a total of thirteen companies from five European countries, the present study identifies three(More)