Federico Bellucci

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The effort and time required to develop user interface models has been one of the main limitations to the adoption of model-based approaches, which enable intelligent processing of user interface descriptions. In this paper, we present a tool to perform reverse engineering of interactive dynamic Web applications into a model-based framework able to describe(More)
Ubiquitous environments call for user interfaces able to migrate across various types of devices while preserving task continuity. One fundamental issue in migratory user interfaces is how to preserve the state while moving from one device to another. In this paper we present a solution for the interactive part of Web applications. In particular, we focus(More)
This study investigates the effect of the selective and potent B2 receptor antagonist fasitibant (MEN16132) on the proinflammatory effect of bradykinin (BK) and its interaction with interleukin 1β (IL-1β) in human synoviocytes. PGE2 content was detected in the surnatants and COX-2 and COX-1 gene and protein expression determined in the cells. Radioligand(More)
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