Federica Simeoni

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The spliceosome is a dynamic macromolecular machine that catalyzes pre-mRNA splicing through a mechanism controlled by several accessory proteins, including the Dim proteins. The Dim protein family is composed of two classes, Dim1 and Dim2, which share a common thioredoxin-like fold. They were originally identified for their role in cell cycle progression(More)
Plant vacuoles play several roles in controlling development, pathogen defence, and stress response. γVPE is a vacuolarlocalised cysteine protease with a caspase-1 like activity involved in the activation and maturation of downstream vacuolar hydrolytic enzymes that trigger hypersensitive cell death and tissue senescence. This work provides evidence that(More)
Pericentric heterochromatin silencing at mammalian centromeres is essential for mitotic fidelity and genomic stability. Defective pericentric silencing has been observed in senescent cells, aging tissues, and mammalian tumors, but the underlying mechanisms and functional consequences of these defects are unclear. Here, we uncover an essential role of the(More)
The chromatin regulatory factor SIRT6 plays pivotal roles in metabolism, tumor suppression, and aging biology. Despite the fundamental roles of SIRT6 in physiology and disease, only a handful of molecular and functional interactions of SIRT6 have been reported. Here, we characterize the SIRT6 interactome and identify 80+ novel SIRT6-interacting proteins.(More)
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