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The state-dependency of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) can be used to investigate the neural properties of subregions of the stimulated region. The objective of the present study was to determine whether state-dependency can reveal letter selectivity in the left posterior parietal cortex (PPC), a region known to contain letter-selective neurons. In(More)
Cardiovascular disease risk has been consistently linked with particulate matter (PM) exposure. Cell-derived microvesicles (MVs) are released into plasma and transfer microRNAs (miRNAs) between tissues. MVs can be produced by the respiratory system in response to proinflammatory triggers, enter the circulatory system and remotely modify gene expression in(More)
In the present study, the authors investigated the effects of shiftwork exposure on DNA methylation using peripheral blood DNA from subjects working in two chemical plants in Northern Italy. The investigation was designed to evaluate (a) DNA methylation changes in Alu and long interspersed nuclear element-1 (LINE-1) repetitive elements as a surrogate of(More)
BACKGROUND Indian Asians, who make up a quarter of the world's population, are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. We investigated whether DNA methylation is associated with future type 2 diabetes incidence in Indian Asians and whether differences in methylation patterns between Indian Asians and Europeans are associated with, and could be used to(More)
Cytochrome P4501A2 (CYP1A2) is a key enzyme for lung carcinogen activation and lung inflammation. We studied the interactions of the CYP1A2 functional variants -3860G/A(rs2069514),-2467T/delT(rs3569413),-163C/A(rs762551)] with occupational/environmental carcinogenic exposures in the development of lung cancer in a case-control study nested in the Danish(More)
Activation of the left posterior parietal cortex (PPC) has been associated with the encoding of letters independent of visual form. Here we used transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)-adaptation to investigate whether this abstract letter selectivity plays a causal role in letter processing. Visual adaptation was used to manipulate the initial activation(More)
BACKGROUND Despite epidemiological findings showing increased air pollution related cardiovascular diseases (CVD), the knowledge of the involved molecular mechanisms remains moderate or weak. Particulate matter (PM) produces a local strong inflammatory reaction in the pulmonary environment but there is no final evidence that PM physically enters and(More)
Approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide are overweight or affected by obesity, and are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related metabolic and inflammatory disturbances. Although the mechanisms linking adiposity to associated clinical conditions are poorly understood, recent studies suggest that adiposity may influence DNA(More)
Gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs) are rare tumors that present many clinical features secreting peptides and neuroamines that cause distinct clinical syndromes such as carcinoid syndrome. However most of them are clinically silent until late presentation with mass effects. Surgical resection is the first line treatment for a patient(More)
  • M. Dell’Agli, S. Bellosta, +6 authors S. Romeo
  • 2005
Catechins are able to modulate the gelatinolytic activity of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) by reducing its release from macrophages. Gallocatechins decrease MMP-9 secretion by lowering MMP-9 promoter activity and mRNA levels. The effect appears to be dependent on some structural and stereochemical requirements. In this study, the relationship between(More)