Federica Raineri

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Inheritance studies of gliadin loci on chromosomes 1A and 1B were carried out in the progeny from crosses between cv “Salmone” and six other common wheat varieties. The map distance between the Rg-1 locus for glume colour and the gliadin locus Gli-B1 on the satellite of chromosome 1B was calculated as 2.0±0.6 cM. An additional gliadin locus, Gli-B5, was(More)
This retrospective study of diabetic patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery has identified that a greater number of patients are at risk of cardiac complications and death in the perioperative period than had previously been suggested. As well as insulin-dependent diabetic patients and patients with elevated creatinine (> 178 micromol/l) as previously(More)
We demonstrate experimental results and analytical formulation of slow-light-enhanced self-phase modulation limited only by three-photon absorption. We present nonlinear figure-of-merits on three-photon-limited ultrafast switching, and critical intensities for free-carrier effects in photonic crystals.
An unusual, severe delayed reaction to non-ionic intravenous contrast media was observed. A 44-year-old man underwent a computed tomography scan with non-ionic contrast media. Four hours later the patient collapsed with hypotension and cardiovascular shock. Aggressive management (including inotropic support and fluid resuscitation) was instituted in the(More)
Wedge prisms shifting the visual field laterally create a mismatch between the straight ahead position signalled by vision and that encoded by extraretinal and head-on-trunk proprioceptive information. Short-term adaptation to left-deviating prisms in normal subjects results in a visuomotor attentional bias towards the right-hand side (aftereffect).(More)
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